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桐皇学園高校バスケットボール部 1年青峰大輝 背番号5 ポジションPF

Touou Gakuen High School Basketball Club, First Year Aomine Daiki, Uniform No. 5, Position Power Forward

(おいさつきマジでやんなきゃいけねぇのか? だりぃんだけど~ ハァ~)

(Oi Satsuki, must I really do this? I feel so dull but… Sigh…)

TIP-OFF 今日もパー…パーワーぜん…(オイ キーが高けぇつうの) なん…か

TIP-OFF At full po-power today too… (oi, the key is too high!) something…

熱くなんなってほうがム・ムリ! (あ~ムリムリムリ(ヾノ・∀・`) あ~もう帰っていいか? 

Not passionate enough, I can’t! (Ah~ can’t can’t can’t (ヾノ・∀・`) Ah~ Can I go back now?

あっ腹減ってんだよな~オレ …あ~仕方ねぇな わかったよ ほんじゃぁちょっとだけだぞ

Ah, I’m hungry… Ah~ Can’t help it. I get it! Then let’s do this just for a bit. 

うっし! あっあっあっあーあー)

YOSH! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-)

そんじゃ 手始めにアリウープ ちょっと 手加減しておいてやったぜ

All right, alley hoop for starters, I’ve already gone easy on you for a little

あーそ  ムード悪いけど  せいぜい 最後まであらがえってくれよ

Oh yeah? My mood has gone bad. Do your best and counter back till the end.


C’mon play back

(ってあ? 本気出せっつたってよ あ!んじゃ飯おごれよ飯! 焼肉な焼肉 

(Huh? I’m already doing this seriously. Ah! Then treat me to a meal! BBQ then, BBQ.

食い放題じゃないやつだぞ うん おk? うっし!

It’s not even an all-you-can-eat buffet. Un. OK? YOSH!

そんじゃあちょっとは本気出してやろうかな! おぅし! いくぞ!!)

All right, time for me to go all out! YOSH! LET’S GO!

TIP-OFF!! 今日もパワー全開で 勝ちに来たんだろ

TIP-OFF!! At full power today too, didn’t you come to win


Come at me with the best you’ve got

Buzzer Beater!! そのいきは 褒めてやるけど オレがNo.1 YES!! すぐに教えてやるよ

Buzzer Beater!! I would praise you for your spirit but, I’m NO.1 YES!! I’ll teach you that soon.

(あ? キャラ見失ってるだと? テメェらがやれっつたんじゃねぇか!

(Ah? I’m out of character? DIDN’T YOU GUYS TOLD ME TO DO IT PROPERLY!

ハァー 気晴らしにでもザリガニでも捕まえに行くか…あばよ)

Sigh… I shall go and catch some crayfish to lighten my mood. See ya.

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Seirin’s Dynamic Duo’s Wink

Kuroko Tetsuya - mikiikun.deviantart.com 

Kagami Taiga - bana2xsan.deviantart.com (ME XD)

Photography by - Jon Tapalla

Edits by - mikiikun.deviantart.com

me and my kuroko’s cosplay photo <3


Finally had the shoot after months of planning~ <3

Kuroko Tetsuya - mikiikun.deviantart.com —-> Me~ haha!

Kagami Taiga - bana2xsan.deviantart.com

Photography by - Rinrie and Kei Villanueva respectively

Edits by - mikiikun.deviantart.com

a very old self portrait

i would call this “paranoid”

Someone asked me if they can get to know me more. So maybe i will start posting some blogs about what i have been doing (*^ー^)ノ I am just like any other plain human being. From now on (^人^) よろしくお願いします!!!




My aunt’s family and I went to a restaurant to eat dinner.

I ordered tempura, soba and ice cream for dessert. It was very delicious!

I know I look ugly T___T

myspecial-mente: etto... can we know more about you?

Sure! You can ask me questions and I will answer it. I have a hard time introducing myself that is why I don’t really write that much information